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Yakima Taijutsu Martial Arts

Where "Protectors" Are Made!

Senior Instructor - Jeremiah Munoz (Shihan)

Sensei Jeremiah has been training for almost 20 years in traditional Samurai and Ninjutsu martial arts. Being led to a website in his early 20s, he sought out authentic teachers of the ancient Ninja arts which led him on a journey across the United States, and Japan. Having trained with some of the top masters from around the world Jeremiah Sensei has a unique blend of teaching traditional kata forms, with a modern application. He is the head instructor and the DojoCho (Chief Operator) of YTMA.

Assistant Instructor

Sensei Joe first came to us when his son joined our Little Ninja program. In the Dojo he felt a connection that agreed with his own pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. He has since went on to open his own Dojo, but moved back to Yakima on a job transfer. He holds the rank of SanDan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He currently teaches our Level 2 Class.

Dojo Lineage


*Toshitsugu Takamatsu

*Masaaki Hatsumi - Current Soke

*Joel Everett - DaiShihan

*Jeremiah Munoz - Shihan